How to End Recidivism

How can ex-convict who have served their debt stay ‘home for good’? The short answer is steady employment. 

Ex-convicts often find that a combination of personal, economic and lifestyle factors determine their success outside of prison. When we remove these stumbling blocks, they have a better chance of, enjoying their life and avoiding recidivism. 

Heart of the Issue

Many ex-convicts want a learn once they commit a felony they are disenfranchised, which often results in the inability to obtain gainful employment, even after serving their sentence. As a result, former prisoners often restart illegal activities that got them imprisoned in the first place because they requires a means of survival. 

Therefore, being able to obtain sustainable employment enable someone to take the first step to begin changing their circumstances and improving their life. And that’s what the HFG Group is all about. 

Our career training and employment opportunities help ex-convicts gain that economic stability to reduce the likelihood of them returning to prison. We offer parolees, felons, etc. programs such as our popular commercial drivers’ license training for FREE. While students are required to pay for the actually testing to get the license, HFG Group’s program allows them to save hundreds by avoiding expensive schooling. Learn more by contacting us today