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Problem & Solution

Erase recidivism by improving personal, economic and lifestyle factors via employment and personal growth.

Once ex-inmates have paid their debt to society they often find that a combination of personal, economic and lifestyle factors determines their success outside of prison. By removing the stumbling blocks, they have a better chance of staying ‘Home for Good’, enjoying their life and avoiding returning to prison. Before we look at the solution though, let’s focus on the causes and effects of this national dilemma.



Causes of Recidivism

FACT: Ex-inmates who paid their debt to society become disenfranchised and often find it hard to get a job. A variety of economic, social and legal factors determines their success outside of prison. With employment, they have a better chance of staying ‘Home for Good’.

FACT: Many offenders commit crimes due to limited life choices, finding themselves lacking literacy and job training. Prison currently doesn’t remedy these issues, the root cause of why someone engaged in criminal activity in the first place.

FACT:  Approximately 650K people leave prison each year seeking to join society as productive members. Unfortunately, one year after their release from prison, between 60 percent and 75 percent of ex-offenders remain unemployed, creating a cycle of economic insecurity.

The Social Effects

Fact: As a result of unemployment, former prisoners often end up doing the illegal activities that got them imprisoned in the first place because they don’t have any other means of survival.

Fact: This creates an issue for public safety and increases costs to taxpayers to house returning felons. According to the Vera Institute of Justice the cost to incarcerate someone averages $31K per inmate per year.

Fact: Contrary to common beliefs, more prison is not the solution. The rate of recidivism is so high it proves that there is some other cause at the core of the problem. As a result, families, communities, and society as a whole, continue to bear the burdens of this quagmire.


Factors That Intensify the Problem

Fact: Advocating for longer prison sentences doesn’t reduce recidivism. It increases the risk of re-offending because survival tools like literacy and job training aren’t addressed during their time.

Fact: While lengthy prison terms seem to temporarily ease the effects on society, ultimately they seriously damage society. Longer jail terms weaken the social bonds between the inmate and their community. When coupled with the loss of job market skills and employment opportunities, many individuals resume illegal activities.

The Solution

Fact: Being able to obtain sustainable employment is the best way to change circumstances and improve lives.  

Fact: Former inmates gain the ability to act on job opportunities when they have access to disposable income and/or advanced training.

Fact: Home for Good strives to halt the revolving door of incarceration and prevent the social harm that recidivism causes our society.


How Does Home For Good Help?

Our career training and employment opportunities help ex-inmates gain economic stability after their release, reducing the likelihood that they will return to prison. We do this by offering ex-offenders, who want to make a positive life change, FREE Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training saving them thousands of dollars.  Students are required to pay for the actual license test (less than $100), 

But this program goes beyond just free CDL driver training for ex-offenders because what good is a license without a job?

Once they pass the test, Home for Good Group connects them with a trucking partner and they are offered a job with a salary competitive with the rest of the industry, about 50K.  This, in turn, provides financial stability, a productive lifestyle, and eliminates the need to return to prison.

So the question now is… are you ready to change the prison cycle by becoming a truck driver with a steady income?