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For Good Do?


How can ex-inmates, who have served their time, stay ‘Home for Good’? The short answer is steady employment. Ex-inmates often find that a combination of personal, economic and lifestyle factors determine their success outside of prison. By offering ex-offenders employment, we remove stumbling blocks. Home for Good gives FREE career training and employment.

Successful entrepreneur, David Bullock, witnessed the struggles of recidivism among friends and became determined to make a dent in the ugly statistics. The recidivism rate in Georgia is 50%. In 2019, he created, Home for Good, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Cartersville, Georgia, as an offshoot of his 10-year-old trucking business.

Home for Good’s career training and employment opportunities help ex-inmates achieve economic stability after release, reducing the likelihood that they will return to prison.  Primarily, we do this by offering parolees, felons, and current prisoners, FREE commercial drivers’ license (CDL) training, worth thousands of dollars. Students are required to pay for the test to obtain the CDL which usually costs under $100. Upon passing, students are offered a truck driving job with an industry-competitive salary, about $50,000. 

Employment provides financial stability, and a productive lifestyle supporting a prison-free future.  Contact us to get started.

Get Your Business Involved
Are you a business owner who wants to help end recidivism but you’re not sure how? One way is to be a source of employment for ex-convicts. Other opportunities include financial contributions or donating office and work supplies. Learn how you can make a positive impact on our local community at our Get Involved page.

Problem & Solution

Ex-inmates pay their debt to society and find that social factors determine their success outside of prison. By removing the stumbling block of unemployment they have a better chance of staying ‘Home for Good’.

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Home for Good gives FREE career training and employment to ex-offenders. Are you a potential trucker who wants to learn more? Do you own a business that wants to provide job opportunities for hard workers rebuilding their lives? Contact us today!

Get Involved

Do you run a business that would like to give an ex-convict an employment opportunity but you’re not sure how? Do you believe in our mission and want to help by donating supplies or monetary gifts? Let us know!